Tuesday, 30 December 2008


It is assumed that you have looked at "Gastronomy for all".

There are plenty of definitions of Gastronomy and treat them as a menu.

The 800 pages [including books and papers] are also a menu.

It is hoped that you will not be a "Hawk" [see "Welcome" side panel].

Gastronomy is about the enjoyment of food.  You are privileged in that you can study Gastronomy. 

Enjoy what you do. Use the "Contact" page on the main website if help is needed.

Within marketing the strongest marketing advice is

Sell a benefit

That's why the blackboard shows the page's

Unique selling point - USP

The best educational advice is

A . Take nothing for granted - check "facts"
. . . you intend to use

B . Ensure you follow the course rules
. . regarding material from the internet

C . Explore the overall site

D . Use the "For Students" link above

.. . as your Home page

E . When familiar with the main
. . . pages of interest

. . . go to "Gastronomy for students - 2"